BURNING THE koran(s)

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I burn’t my first few (of many to come) korans today for koranburningdaily.com.

It was a distinctly wierd experience burning books. But burning the koran felt oddly OK.

I’m not a book burner but this website and it’s companion koranburningdaily.com is dedicated to the FACT that islam is the nazis and their book has ZERO significance except that it is a wicked skreed that should be cleansed from the planet.

islamic countries and their islamonazi populations burn the American Flag with impunity – they tell American soldiers they can’t possess Bibles within the confines of their dictatorship toilets while we are there protecting their pathetic asses

saudi arabia and pakastan and other nazi police state regimes burn bibles en mass – They burn churches with worshippers locked inside. Even in the U.S. the flag and the Bible are burned and insulted with impunity to the point that we view it as common place. And we owe that to the constitution, the First Amendment and the fact that WE live in a free country.

Now congress talks about giving the koran some special defference. I say NO! The First Amendment applies to the koran as much as to the American Flag or the Bible. The koran is mein kompf for islamonazis. In fact, mein kompf is the #2 selling book in moslem countries behind the koran. Great people these moslems!

Let’s call a spade a spade – islam is no friend of America and no friend of mine. My children and thiers WILL NEVER BOW DOWN TO allah. allah can continue having sex with goats.

islam can go to hell and I will burn the koran everyday and so should you.

islam says they are here to be dominant – they are here for your children and grandchildren and if you don’t have anything to teach your posterity about freedom or about the nazis – What the hell good are you as an American? – Really?

You better listen to what islam is clearly saying while you have the chance to say something.

Five reasons to burn a koran today (or any time you find one)

1) It is a book of political conquest disguised as religion with it’s sights set on America

2) As a First Amendment issue it deserves no more defference (and A LOT LESS) than the American Flag or
the Bible which are burned by islamonazis routinely.

3) To not be intimidated by islamotards and NEVER BE DEFFERENTIAL TO islam.

4) The koran is a WICKED SKREED that should be burned and it’s practitioners brought into a more recent

5) islam is the nazis and they are comming back

Fight islam Now

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